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Friday, February 16, 2007

Primeval - John Frizzell

Primeval suffers from the common horror film syndrome. It shows flashes of brilliance and horror, and unfortunately most of the time, exposes us to some mediocre and sometimes awful film-making. It's a pity this film wastes what could of otherwise been a fairly strong entry into the killer-animal genre. I would only recommend seeing it if you're a strong fan of the genre.

Here's the bad, very briefly: some acting isn't that great, it's somewhat cliché, some parts could have been scarier, and some scenes just fall short of the mark. It also feels cheap in places, although this I really didn't mind; the film is shot documentary style in places, so it feels unpolished. Some of this is evident throughout the film.

The good, what parts there are of it, fair pretty well, albeit they are few and far in between. There are some tense scenes, some which are shown in the trailer and some you'll have to see for yourself. Anybody looking for a B-Horror flick probably won't be disappointed, however.All in all Primeval brings very little new to the table, and is probably best described as a guilty pleasure or popcorn flick; even these may be flattering.

The score was composed by John Frizzell and he supposedly traveled to Africa for a few months to learn what sounds to use for the score. But the score sounds like he only worked on the project for maybe 3 weeks. It's a decent score but I'm not surprised it did not get an official release.

Download Primeval

Friday, February 02, 2007

Updated Links

I have updated all previous download links. So you now should be able to download all the previous releases from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer all the way to Dukes of Hazzard. Happy listening.

Carnosaur - Nigel Holton

In the midst of Jarassic Park, a small dino-craze swept the screen. A scientist creates a virus that is exposed quickly to most of the population. It causes the women to become pregnant and give birth to full size dinosaur eggs. Unfortunately, the woman die in the process and the men are soon next once the eggs hatch. This is done in order to repopulate the earth with these prehistoric reptiles because they must deserve it more than us. This is a fun and much gorier JP ripoff that is nowhere near as good, especially when it comes to special effects which in this case are pretty bad but still entertaining.

The score, of course, was never released to the public. And why should it be? The film had a hard enough time getting released to the public...lol

Anyways here is the score to the super cheesy film.

Download Carnosaur

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - Marc Shaiman

Based upon Trey Parker & Matt Stone's short "The Spirit of Christmas" comes South Park. A show set in South Park, Colorado and set on the adventures of four foul-mouthed fourth-graders being: Eric Cartman, the rude, obnoxious, sadistic, racist, fat kid; Stan Marsh, a quiet kid with a huge crush on Wendy Testaberger (in which he usually ends up vomiting whenever she talks to her or when something gross occurs); Kyle Brofloski, the religious Jewish kid who Cartman picks on for being Jewish; and Kenny, the orange parka-hooded kid who (pretty much) dies in almost every episode.

Two years later the animated cartoon hit the big screen in their first, and so far only, adventure, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. And what a controversy it created. Trey Parker and Matt Stone had to fight with the MPAA in order to get the movie a R rating. The movie is a musical in the style of Disney films, but with naughty subjects and very bad language. Trey Parker wrote the songs for the film along with film composer, Marc Shaiman.

Sadly, Marc Shaimans original score for the film was not commercially released. He wrote a big orchestral score for the film and blends the songs all together. The CD release only featured the songs from the film plus a few bonus songs from various artists.

Luckily, a promo surfaced a few years after the films release. This release features Marc Shaimans complete original score plus the film versions of the songs which are different then the ones featured on the soundtrack (exp. some different lyrics, more orchestrations)

Download South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut